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Pigment Removal System

Pigment Removal System

About Pigmentation

Pigmentation are spots that have usually occurred on the most exposed areas of the body, such as hands, face, shoulders, and neck. It is a skin discolouration, that usually appear as brown blotch or spot and are most often caused by either genetics, ageing, sun damage or hormonal changes (such as pregnancy). The darkening is caused by cells called melanocytes producing an excess of melanin to a specific area.

There are many forms and types of pigmentation, with the most common being age spots, liver spots, freckles, and sun spots. With new laser technology, the majority of these pigmented lesions can now be safely removed after only a few short treatments without damaging surrounding tissue. A dermatologist may recommend different procedures depending on a person's skin type and age.

Laser Therapies For Pigment Removal

Discrete pigmented lesions, whether freckles, lentigines or age spots require individualized treatment options. The laser wavelength, energy delivered and spot size must be uniquely customized to address the patients concern and skin type.

Q-Switched Laser

Q-Switched Laser technology is commonly used in facial therapies. Q-Switched Laser technology which uses combination of high power and short pulse widths (less than 20 nanoseconds – one nanosecond is equivalent to one billionth of a second) that deliver energy throughout the layers of the epidermis, faster than the normal relaxation time of the tissue. This process safely breaks down and shatters small particles comprising the discolouration or skin lesion, which are then later removed by the body’s immune system.

Since each pigment color absorbs a specific wavelength, Nd-Yag laser offers 4 wavelengths in order to treat the broadest range of pigment/tattoo colors, on the widest range of skin types. Its four wavelengths – 1064nm, 532nm, 650nm and 585nm – target 9 of the most frequently used tattoo colors ranging from light orange to dark black.


Carbon Laser Peeling with Q-Switched Laser

Carbon Laser Peeling is the application of specialized laser energy to reduce visible skin age spots, pigmentation and improve skin tone. Q-Switched Laser energy works in two ways, first it gently targets the melanin (pigmentation/age spots) in the cells breaking it up for your body’s natural removal processes, and second it heats deep in the dermis causing the skin to contract and stimulate collagen.

The carbon laser peeling treatment is especially effective for anyone with oily skin who suffers from continual acne, blackheads, enlarged pores, or dull and uneven skin tone. Targeted laser energy gently heats the skin and kills acne-causing bacteria in the process. This is achieved without the need for any harsh chemicals or aggravating ingredients. This laser process also shrinks sebaceous glands to reduce oil production and help balance chronically oily skin.


Micro Needling 

Micro Needling can be used to break apart the bands of hyper-pigmentation associated with hormonal causes. Skin Needling uses micro needles on a medical grade roller or pen that is moved over the skin to create tiny, evenly-spaced punctures on the skin. These micro-punctures go through the skin with minimal damage to the upper epidermal layer, but creates a microscopic, generally painless injury to the deeper dermal layer. The minor injury and bleeding triggers a “wound-healing” response in the skin. This results in increased collagen and elastin production.


The treatments are specially designed for patient comfort and are safe and effective for all skin types and colors, including dark skin. IPL treats the skin with quick and powerful flashes of light. The light energy penetrates below the skin's surface, where the unwanted brown pigment (melanin) exist. The heat breaks down this pigment into tiny particles, which either rise to the skin's surface as scabs , or get carried away by the body's lymphatic system.


Besides brown pigment, IPL can also have a subtle effect on fine wrinkles, large pores, rosacea and dilated capillaries. Because IPL uses multiple wavelengths of light, it is not technically a laser—so it works without causing any deep resurfacing, just some minor redness.

Co2 Laser

Fractional laser treatment is a non-invasive treatment that uses a device to deliver a laser beam divided into thousands of microscopic treatment zones that target a fraction of the skin at a time, analogous to a photographic image being enhanced or altered pixel by pixel.


Fractional laser treatment is a non-invasive treatment that uses a device to deliver a laser beam divided into thousands of microscopic treatment zones that target a fraction of the skin at a time, analogous to a photographic image being enhanced or altered pixel by pixel.

Fractional laser treatment is used for the treatment of:

· Facial lines and wrinkles (rhytides)

· Sun damage

· Skin pigmentation associated with photoageing

· Surgical and acne scarring.

Fractional laser treatment is particularly useful on the neck, chest and hands when compared to traditional ablative modalities. Fractional laser treatment may also be of benefit for poikiloderma of Civatte and stretch marks.

Fractional laser treatment can be used in all skin types and patients, but techniques vary depending on patient age, skin type, sun exposure and body location. Fractional laser treatment can be combined with surgery and other skin treatments.

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