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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Introducing Laser Vaginal Tightening

Laser Vaginal Tightening  is a breakthrough treatment that can help restore a youthful vagina and improve stress urinary incontinence. The technology uses an Sincoheren CO2 laser and Hifu to deliver fractionated light and thermal energy to assist in vaginal mucosa revitalization.  


Co2vaginal rejuvenation



Co2 vaginal rejuvenation is a breakthrough procedure that can help restore a youthful vagina and improve stress urinary incontinence. Using a unique vaginal probe, laser energy is delivered safely to the full circumference of the vagina to promote collagen production and remodeling.  This is the same laser energy used in the performance of Co2 Fractional skin tightening on the face, but with a different handpiece.  This comfortable and non-invasive treatment tightens the vagina and strengthens the supporting ligaments surrounding the bladder and urethra.

Because this treatment is non-surgical and requires no downtime, it is a safer alternative to surgery.  Other benefits of non-invasive laser vaginal tightening include increased sexual gratification to both the client and partner, as well as reduction in the symptoms of stress urinary incontinence. These benefits may be achieved with no surgery, no downtime, no anesthesia and no pain. The procedure requires a series of three treatments, spaced 4 weeks apart.


HIFU vaginal rejuvenation

It is a cutting-edge, non-surgical treatment that can improve sexual intercourse with your partner and help you feel more comfortable with your body.During your treatment, Ultrasound energy is delivered from the system to gently heat vaginal tissue.        


Equally same dot size and spacing accurately targeted
to depth directly by distributing heating energy uniformly

The body responds to this exposure of warmth by stimulating its production of collagen, the key structural protein found within the skin. As existing collagen fibers are renewed and new ones are created, the vaginal walls within the canal tighten, reducing urinary incontinence and producing optimal lubrication for enhanced sexual intercourse.

Reference: High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment for vaginal relaxation syndrome
Research conducted by: Dr. Lucy Glancey Aesthetics @ The Grove Dr. Beatriz Molina Medikas, MediSpa. Presented by: Dr. Lucy Glancey

Treatment Focuses:

1. Vaginal Laxity: this will tighten the vagina at the opening and the full length of the vagina and is noticeable to patient and partner
2. Vaginal/Vulvar Dryness or Atrophic Vaginitis: will add softer and thicker skin and more moisture both internally and externally to make daily life and sexual intercourse more comfortable without hormone treatment.
3. Mild to Moderate Stress Incontinence: this will reduce accidents and leakage and may reduce urge symptoms. Along with Kegel Exercises women may avoid the use of mesh slings in their vaginas.
4. Sexual or Orgasmic Dysfunction: may result in increased sensitivity, more coordinated and stronger muscular contractions, and ability to achieve orgasms in a shorter time period.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is non-surgical Laser Vaginal Tightening performed?

The specialized laser probe is inserted into the vagina which can rotate 360 degrees. The light beam penetrates the vaginal epithelium to target the tissue where new collagen is produced. It is a virtually painless procedure without anesthesia or downtime. Most patients report that the treatment is more comfortable than having a Pap smear.

Is there any downtime following my vaginal rejuvenation procedure?

Patients return to normal, daily activities following their procedure. However, sexual intercourse should be avoided for 5 days. A patient who is treated on a Monday may have sex by Friday night.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for Laser Vaginal Tightening?

Laser Vaginal Tightening is safe for most women, including those with other vaginal concerns such as pelvic relaxation, vaginal prolapse, stress urinary incontinence, endometriosis, and pelvic pain. It is recommended to wait 3 months after childbirth to have the treatment. Women may use all forms of birth control including an IUD, or have had previous pelvic surgery such as a vaginal repair or hysterectomy.

Am I a candidate if I’m post-menopausal and will I get relief from my vaginal dryness?

Laser Vaginal Tightening is ideal for the post-menopausal woman. The treatment promotes collagen production and remodeling in the vagina which in turn results in a return of the rugae, or architecture, that is lost with menopause. Women report improved lubrication and a decrease in pain associated with penetration. There is a return of a more youthful vagina.

Are there any side effects I should know about?

Women should be prepared to experience increased vaginal sensation and pleasure following each treatment. Vaginal lubrication may improve and orgasms may become more intense. There are rare risks that may be associated with this procedure which your practitioner will discuss with you. Some women may experience a watery discharge or spotting for only a day or two. Any further concerns you may have will be discussed during your consultation.

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